If you happen to be an ardent user of CBD oil and are reading this right now, you may be wondering why at all it is necessary for CBD oil to get tested before being released into the market. You may be thinking that after all, because the government or the FDA does not require that CBD supplements should be tested, it isn’t therefore necessary. Ironically, that the sale of CBD oil isn’t regulated by the FDA is the more reason why you should make sure that any CBD oil or product you buy has been tested (by an independent third party).

There are all sorts of inferior-quality CBD products on the market now because of a lack of regulation and many consumers are getting short-changed. In this article, we will look into the reason why CBD testing is extremely important and why it will do you a world of good to make sure that the product you are going to consume has been duly tested.

1.Hemp is a bio-accumulator
If you know any farmer-friend has the tiniest idea about growing industrial, he will share with the information that the hemp plant is a very powerful bio-accumulator. This means that the hemp plant is always ready to rapidly absorb any fertilizer, toxin or chemical within the soil in which it is grown.

This happens when the roots of the hemp plant pulls these chemicals or toxins from the ground and transports them into the cells of the plant. This quality of hemp makes it the perfect plant to be used for phytoremediation – a process where hemp draws chemicals or pollutants from the ground into itself using its roots.

This process even helps to give the soil a good cleansing. Whiles this is good in some regards, it isn’t good if the hemp is being grown for commercial use as it allows unwanted substances and toxins to infiltrate the plant and the cannabinoids within.

This is why growing hemp using organic means is the perfect choice if it is being grown commercially. By growing it on pure farmland and using organic methods to grow it, toxins and substances that would have otherwise contaminated CBD and other cannabinoids are avoided.

2.Labels tell half the story
A recent study showed how there are about 69% of CBD products out there that are mislabeled. Granted, this study was made up of a small number of random CBD sellers. However, if this is anything to by then, surely consumers have a cause for concern. It was found especially in these mislabeled products that the CBD content was drastically lower than seemed to be reported on the label.

This is really unfair to the user who is paying hard-earned cash for the product. This is what makes third-party testing very important as it makes sure that whatever information is being divulged is at par with the real contents of the product. Some unscrupulous producers are even likely to portray the total quantity of oil in the product as the real quantity of CBD when in actual fact CBD only makes up minuscule part of the oil’s total volume.

If you didn’t know why CBD testing by a third-party is necessary, then hopefully, this article makes you realize why. Testing labs usually take multiple batch samples and have them coded to their public test results. Reputable producers will make sure they share the results of their lab tests online. What you have to do is to make sure that for the particular batch of your CBD oil, you are able to see the corresponding test result online to enable comparisons.